After 34 years maintaining the IMAX sound system and recording studio
 at the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center, I built my OWN studio
2 hours from San Diego in a quiet and inspiring location.
I provide studio recording with quality equipment in a low pressure situation that will make you feel at home.
This work is done is at a reasonable rate with a high prodution values.

Reaper, Ableton Live, Focusrite PRO 40 with many VST plug ins.
I use quality keyboards such as the Hammond XK-2, Arturia 61,
and the Yamaha P-90 for an excellent collection of composition and performance tools.
Emu Vintage keys, Emu E6400 samplers with their extensive orchestral library add depth to your sonic palette.
The studio includes a large sound effects collection, leslie speaker, several reverbs,
Arturia Spark percussion device, theremin, kalimba, rain stick and other methods of vibrating air molecules!

I can put your music on iTunes at a very reasonable cost.


Life Coach Candi Freed recorded her meditations series here in our studio.

In 1994, for the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center I recorded and edited actor Patrick Stewart
the production entitled
"To Worlds Beyond".
Patrick Stewart is better known as Captain Jean Luc Piccard of the starship Enterprise, and Professor X on the X-Men films.

I recorded and edited Spanish narrator Hector Molina for the Spanish version of "To Worlds Beyond".

I also recorded and edited the sound track for the show entitled "The Flying Blue Marble", and many others.

Lightning Blue recordings engineered by John Young
Big Boss Man  Big Boss Man
Cross Cut Saw    Cross Cut Saw

Drowning on Dry Land    Drowning on Dry Land
Nice and Warm
   Nice and Warm

Audio Engineer for Reuben H. Fleet Center projects:
The Comet is Coming
To Worlds Beyond / Hacia Mundes Distantes
Behind the dome
Geysers and the Galaxy
Masterspace Theater
Night on Dream Mountain
Are we alone ? / Estamos a Solas ?
The Flying Blue Marble
The Wind From the Sun
The Journal of Voyager II
Stars over China
Star Tracks
Thundering Waters
Pacific Journey
World Winds
Through the Eye of Hubble
Holiday Sky Show
Halley watch 1,2 and 3
Polar Skies
From Here to Infinity
Restless Planet
Halloween 2002
Holiday Sky show 2002
The Transit of Mercury 2006

Live and Solo presentations
The Science Of Rock Science behind modern music production.
Behind the laser Educational program preceding laser shows.
Laserium Laser show operator 1997-2000.

Live concerts including visual programming and audio engineering
Concert under the stars 5/19/88 Artist Chamber Ensemble
Romance under the stars 11/3,4,5, 1995 John Serrie
When day gives way to night 11/18/1996 Steve Roach/ David Helpling

The Romeros 6/1/2014
Wah Devi 10/1/2014 and 2015

Album Premieres
Two AD
Radio Head “Kid A”
Excursions in Ambiance 6/24/93 Spotted Peccary Studios
Also numerous corporate and educational presentations.

1996 Mars Cueing area audio.
Mars Cueing area video and original music composition.
Mars hall and elevator lighting and sound effects.
Mars Pre-elevator briefing video.
1998 The Ultimate roller coaster hallway sound effects.
2001 Digistar II digital star projector installation and programming to present
2002 Impact cueing area video.
Impact hall and elevator sound effects.
2007 Escape from Dino Island hall and elevator sound effects & promotional video creation
2007 console design installation and SPICE control system system integration.

2009 Installation of Pro Tools HD into studio and IMAX theater
conversion of large library of IMAX sound tracks from analog to digital
Specified QSC amplifiers and speakers and programmed system on a daily basis.

Music Composition

The Winter Sky
The Springtime Sky
The Autumn Sky
The Fall Sky
Lonely Mars for cuing area video installation
The Transit of Mercury
Worlds of the Solar System

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