DVD Services

Digital Sound and Picture creates stunning DVD's from your videos.
We can convert that shoe box of snapshots, video or films
into dramatic animated DVD's with music of the times.

It's YOUR life - Celebrate it!
Even a series of still images can be made into a moving and dramatic presentation.

    The Young family 1960 to 1965

Imagine the happiness of your family when lost but treasured images
 are returned to glorious life!

Let us resurrect your families memories from their ancient VHS tapes or film reels
 to a new life as easily playable DVD's or archived for the future on DATA DVD's.

Even your most cherished VHS tapes are only good for at most a mere 10 years
from the time of their creation, and should be converted to DVD.

After 10 years the colors start to change, and the tape deteriorates to the point at which it can no longer be played.

Video Services

I perform quality video taping, conversion, recording and editing using state of the art software.
Video conversions have chapters that allow viewing of individual pieces, not merely a single huge video.
See videos below for quality samples.

 For digital audio recording, editing and mastering we use Protools,
the industry standard for digital recording.

High quality studio equipment is used for recording and editing.
Projects created here are fully compatible and can be taken to any studio in the world for continued work or mastering.

Share your video with the world with our On-Line video Services!
Your family, commercial or entertainment video can be converted to a format suitable for
sharing with the world on your own web site, Vimeo, YouTube, or other video hosting sites.

See examples of work done at Digital sound and Picture by clicking the following link:
Digital Sound and Picture Projects on You Tube


Pride (In the Name of Love)

Beautiful Day

Teeth, Claws and Jaws

Big Toe plays Shine by Collective Soul


Videos can also be hosted on your own web site and will NOT display the YouTube logo.

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